Instead of being the mouth, be the mouthpiece.

Idea from CUES Nexus session:

  1. Go to local high school business class.
  2. Donate a couple hundred bucks for audio equipment/webcam.
  3. Ask them to produce vlog or podcast.
  4. Simply sponsor the show and provide feedback when they have questions.

If you want to get into social media as a credit union, you don’t have to produce the content in-house. See FORUM’s User Generated Content (UGC) campaign or Vancity’s sponsorship of Change Everything for what’s working from two of my favorite CUs.

Full Disclosure: Of course I love FORUM. We sorta live in the same building. :)


Interesting. You get around so many issues when your own CU isn’t the focus of the content. When I first called our Privacy Office about, they kind of lost their lunch, but once we sat down and I described it in detail, they honestly couldn’t think of a single real issue the site provoked.

There you go…that’s the idea that was generated that really struck a chord with me. I’ve already pushed it around my office and I think it’s gonna fly. Any good ideas you have on my setting this up would be greatly appreciated (ie free podcasting sites/software, etc.). We’ve already had a bit of good brainstorming around this idea also. I’ll keep you posted on our progress as it unfolds.

I love this idea as well. We are working with a couple of Canadian credit unions right now on youth initiatives and there is definitely interest and definitely fear around the idea of blogging and especially podcasting. I am going to point them to this post. We’ll see where it goes.

I love the title of this post. So little text, but so much said.

So - how did Forum get their user generated content.. just set up capture stations at their branches to “share your thoughts about Forum”?

I suppose that would be the best way to get a diverse cross-section of your membership (since not ALL are technically inclined!)

I’m digging it!


Ah-ha! Ran into FORUM’s Kim P. here at CU Marketing Management conference… She mentioned that the user generated content was generated as part of a testimonial TV campaign…

I thought you guys were already taking member submitted audio/video! :)

I’m sure - with you guys - that something like that is in the works!