Three Takeaways from CUWCS

Earlier this month, Matt and I attended the CU Water Cooler Symposium. As a former editor and event coordinator once upon a time, I’m admittedly pro-CUWCS and here are my three biggest takeaways.

  1. Our distant cooperative cousins outside the financial services space have a huge impact on the financial health of our communities (see The Merc Co-Op) and, in some cases, among our members with the most modest of means (see Happy Bottoms). Why aren't we all teaming up more often?
  2. Execute, THEN you may talk (if you choose to). SECU has their stuff together, don’t they? They just choose not to yap about it. I like that.
  3. Just because it’s a gathering of credit union idealists doesn’t mean we aren’t highly entrepreneurial, creative, nimble and impactful. Practical, occasionally. Open to different ways of thinking, always.