What is Open Source CU?

A little background:

The concept of open source began among geeks as a vast cooperative effort in programming. The idea is simple, and not uncommon to any preschool class: share and share alike. Programmers began sharing their work instead of selling it off. And by pooling their ideas together, these programmers ignited an open source movement that refuses to slow down.

Two heads are better than one, one thousand are better than two, one million even better, and on and on and on.

A collaborative effort, a union of resources, all for a greater good – sound familiar?

Credit Unions have been doing this stuff for a hundred years. It’s about time someone caught up.

Moving forward:

Open Source CU represents a continuation of that group effort.

Created as an idea exchange, Open Source CU is an outlet and resource for credit union leaders toward the goals of opening communications between members and management, using technology that fits the movement’s inherent cooperative nature, and converting marketing sales-speak into legitimate conversation.

The public does not want or need to feel sold. All they need is to be informed.

We believe that the public – members and non-members alike – needs a better understanding of credit unions, and that it’s the responsibility of credit unions themselves to provide that education.

This site thrives on community. The more heads, the better.