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Banking Rebundled: How?

Credit unions routinely sacrifice innovation on the altar of caution. Stop.

Trey Reeme

Dusting off Open Source CU

After years of silence, there's more to say.

Trey Reeme

How to have your cake and eat it too

Credit unions have the benefit of being a part of a close-knit powerful network -- the credit union industry as a whole -- while being tightly woven into the communities they serve at the same time. This opens up huge opportunities for competing with banks and other financial institutions at every single level.

Brent Dixon

JetBlue vs Bank of America

Both show corporate responses to negative press coverage. BofA sounds like blah-blah-blah; JetBlue’s resonates.

Trey Reeme

Instead of being the mouth, be the mouthpiece.

If you want to get into social media as a credit union, you don’t have to produce the content in-house.

Trey Reeme

Are you on Yelp?

I'm making this post partly because I fear that a lot of credit unions are about to jump into social media with a "let's throw a blog at it" mentality. "It" being (a) the problem of dwindling returns and rising costs for traditional marketing and (b) a desire to sit at the cool kids' table.

Trey Reeme

Most CUs don't grasp social media; Gene at Tinfoiling does.

Gene Blishen writes the Tinfoiling blog and is the general manager of Mount Lehman Credit Union.

Trey Reeme

Two more: Filene interview, Vancity update

Thing 1: James Spurlock on Credit Unions. Thing 2: William Azaroff on Online Community

Trey Reeme

Vancity proves (again) they get social media

Darren Barefoot, a well-known Canadian blogger, hooked Vancity up with some constructive criticism.

Trey Reeme

Open Source CU Podcast: Episode 7

What would you like to see most from credit unions in 2007?

Trey Reeme

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