Want a good look into the future?

Found on the fintech subreddit today, here’s a comprehensive analysis of Andreessen Horowitz portfolio, through the lens of patents.

Skip CES. Spend a few minutes looking around at companies in the Andreessen Horowitz portfolio, and you’ll get an idea of what’s next. A nifty tool developed by The Assets showing a16z-funded companies is described as:

What does the future look like? We analysed the portfolio of world-leading venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz to get a glimpse of it. By digging into the technologies it has invested in, and more particularly associated patents, the data visualisation sheds light on fascinating insights.

Payments getting faster and more flexible - sure, that’s there (see Stripe and Boku) … as are solutions for better credit decisioning (see Affirm and Earnest).

Interesting to look back at the bets made over the last six years that are still winning, and to look forward by examining those they’re making now.

P.S. Rabbit-trailing, I stumbled upon Envoy. There’s a tool I’d stick at the reception desk. You’ll thank me.