Things we like: The Amex UX

Here are five features Amex offers that you probably don't:

  1. Amex allows cardholders to update income and asset figures online. They don't make guesses, they just ask. They get more opportunities to raise (and, I suppose, lower) card limits based on ability to repay. And they're straightforward about it with their customers. Amex income update screen

  2. Declined charges are available for viewing. Nice security add. Amex declined charges view

  3. Offers can be accepted within their online banking tools. Like this statement credit of $25 for staying in a hotel over $100 sometime before the end of March. Amex offers view

  4. I can upload a receipt photo (the feature's in beta). Amex receipt screen

  5. Then I can get an email weekly with expiring return periods. Amex weekly expiring returns email setup